About Jack Pitts

This website reveals me as an artistic dilettante.  You’ll find a lack of in-depth thematic explorations, and no extensive collections on a subject.  It may be a temporary condition - time will tell - but my hope is that the viewer will still discover a certain amount of interest, beauty and mystery here.

I grew up in San Francisco, and live there today.  My father was enthusiastic about photography and had a darkroom in the basement for a while when I was a little boy.   He didn’t teach or guide me, possibly because I wasn’t especially curious, or maybe I was just too young.  That changed somewhat when he got a 3D camera and began producing amazing slides of our vacation trips up to the Eel River in Humbolt County.  We still have those slides today, in all their depth and Ektachrome vibrancy.   Even so, any latent interest I had in artistic photography didn’t take hold until I was in my early 40s.  I acquired my first 35 millimeter camera, took a black and white photo class, eventually built a couple of home dark rooms and ‘went digital’ in 2002.  

Around that time I came across a quote that’s stuck with me:  “You only live the life you notice.”  In spite of an unfortunately robust capacity for obliviousness, I do from time to time tap into a ‘notice’ mindset, and my images all spring from it.

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